Let’s make music. And let’s have fun!

I love teaching and believe in a positive and supportive studio environment – approaching each lesson with enthusiasm, encouragement, humor, and mutual respect. Learning is a collaborative process between student and teacher and I want my students to enjoy each step along the way to their musical independence.


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  1. One-on-one: In Person
    Learn on a Yamaha grand piano. Motivating, hands-on instruction providing immediate feedback. A focused, distraction-free environment with your instructor working with you each step of the way.
  2. One-on-one: Live Online (piano only)
    The convenience of learning in your own home with a scheduled live lesson. A full 88 key piano or keyboard with a pedal is suggested. For maximum effectiveness, the keyboard and student’s hands should be clearly visible on camera. To avoid annoying audio and video delays, high-speed Internet is required.
  3. One-on-one: Hybrid – A combination of live online and in-person
    Busy families can alternate with in-person and online lessons depending on their weekly schedules and get the best of both worlds…maximum convenience and the effectiveness of in-person.

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Beginning to Early Advanced Piano: Ages 5 & Up
30 or 60 minutes

After an initial evaluation, students will be placed in the appropriate level lesson book. A link will be sent for purchase. I am consistently adding sheet music to my own library to share with my students so they can learn songs outside of their books. If you have a song in mind, please let me know.

I use a “traditional” approach to piano; learning to read music and how to play at the same time; incorporating theory, ear training, and technique.

Voice: Ages 7 & Up
30 or 60 minutes

Proper singing techniques will be studied, including posture, breathing, correct vowel and consonant placement, and song interpretation. We will choose age appropriate songs according to the student’s interest and goals. I have an extensive sheet music library of vocal music, and I use a wonderful digital app for accompaniment when we are ready to run through a song in full.

Lessons can be tailored for an upcoming audition. Learn practical audition skills; entering and exiting, posture, projection, and how to amaze the casting director. Let’s find the best audition songs for your personality and voice. Performance skills are invaluable to singers and actors alike, and will help you with self-confidence and stage presence.



Parents with children under the age of 10 are encouraged to sit in on their child’s lessons. Parents with children 10 and older may choose to wait outside during the lesson.

Practice is a necessary and required part of learning, whether it’s a sport or music. Students of all ages should set a regular daily practice routine, with help from a parent if needed, a minimum of five days a week. I recommend keeping a practice log to track progress and set goals. Practice times will vary. I will make suggestions based on age, the individual, and their advancement.

Participation is key. Remember that even though you are not required to sit with your child during lessons or practice, the more involvement you have, the more successful your child will be. Ask them to play for you and monitor their practice as necessary, and always be encouraging.


Miss Holly has been a great fit for my son. This past year, his growth in his piano playing ability, musicality, and confidence is amazing. Miss Holly is kind, encouraging, and has developed a great rapport and trust with my son. Learning to play the piano remotely during this pandemic is nothing short of a feat. We feel blessed to have had Miss Holly this past year and would recommend her to others who are looking for the perfect teacher.

J. Sromek

Holly has been a great instructor for my child. Holly always has a very positive attitude and is understanding of my child’s abilities. With her teaching, my child continues to have the confidence to play piano and steadily improve.

W. Matesan

We are so grateful to have such an encouraging, engaged, and patient teacher.

Z. Sparrow

Holly is such a joy as a piano teacher and music mentor…We love her enthusiasm and professionalism.

N. Dike